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Six Airplane Facts to Cure Your Fear of Flying

For some people, air travel is just another part of everyday life. But for others, it’s a major source of stress and anxiety. The good news is that most fears boil down to a lack of understanding, and in those situations knowledge really is power. If the thought of flying in a plane makes you […]

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What Americans Need to Know About the New Rules For Traveling to Europe

Starting in 2021, Americans, as well as others from visa-free countries, will have to do a little more work before they’ll be able to visit a number of European countries. Now, getting into places like Germany, France, and Spain just requires your U.S. passport, but in a little under two years you’ll also need to…Read […]

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What You Should Always Carry in Japan

Japan is a great place to visit, especially for first-time international travelers. It feels completely different than western countries, yet totally familiar. I recently got back from a trip there, and while it wasn’t my first visit, I still learned a whole lot. Mainly, I figured out what kind of items are best to…Read more… […]

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All of Your Mysterious Hotel Fees, Explained

“What is a resort fee, exactly?” my friend asked, driving away from our quaint Palm Springs motel. We received a bill with a long, confounding list of taxes and fees. Too lazy to decipher each item, we paid without really knowing what we paid for. You’ve probably been there, too, so let’s explore what’s included […]

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Always Add an Extra Day Off to Your Vacation Plans

Even if you’ve had a vacation filled with rest and relaxation, the trip coming home is often enough to wipe you out and get you disoriented. The next time you plan a vacation, give yourself an extra day to bounce back and get ready for your return to work.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Traveling Light, Part 2: Yes, You Can Fit a Full Face Into Minimal Space

This is my toiletry case. It doesn’t have a name, though it probably should, since we’ve traveled the world together for years. For now, let’s call her Clare—probably Clare the 8th, at this point. But she’s always a simple, clear bucket case measuring approximately 4"x 5"x 8", with a double-zip top, maximizing both…Read more… Continue […]

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