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How to Reserve ‘Blocked’ Seats on Airplane Flights 

Airlines love to torture us. They trick us with bag fees, delays, and passengers who don’t wear pants. Best of all, even when you’re prepared and organized, there’s nothing you can do to escape their blood thirst for profit. If you’ve ever reserved a seat on a flight, you’ll notice entire sections of airlines blocked…Read […]

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Travel the World with a Total Stranger for Free

There’s nothing more sobering than traveling with a friend for the first time. You very quickly learn their travel “quirks” like they hate walking too much or their teeth grind when they sleep (I’m not saying I know someone who does this, but I’m also not not saying that).Read more… Continue Reading at

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Pack a Boppy Pillow Cover When Flying With a Baby 

When my kid was an infant, I found myself in a deep relationship with something called a Boppy. A ubiquitous baby product, it is a pillow designed to help nursing moms breastfeed—you basically wear it around your body like a four-year-old going swimming. Though its functionality extends beyond that. The Boppy saved…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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