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Concept Tractors Are A Thing And Boy Does This Kubota One Look Pissed

I suppose this shouldn’t really be surprising, but even though I almost exclusively associate the idea of pie-in-the-sky concept machines with the automotive industry, they’re not the only ones do this kind of thing. For example, the farm machinery industry has fun making wild futuristic concepts, too, as you can see…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Classic Tractors From The ’80s Are Becoming Popular With Farmers Sick Of High-Tech Bullshit

While modern agriculture is filled with very modern technology, farmers have been butting heads with some of the biggest farm equipment builders over tech issues, specifically the fight for their own rights to repair equipment they own. This has led to strange, maybe not-so-legal hacking of farmers’ own equipment with…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How This Bonkers 1,000 HP Tractor Set A Guinness World Record For Speed

In July of this year, Guy Martin, who holds Guinness World Record for the fastest Soapbox and highest speed on a Wall of Death, absolutely demolished the tractor world speed record with his turbocharged JCB Fastrac 8000 tractor. Back then, all we had was an incredibly brief clip of the tractor cruising at its record…Read […]

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This 1,000 HP Tractor Went Over 100 MPH and Blitzed The Tractor World Speed Record

What happens when you pair Williams Formula One team with British industrial equipment manufacturer JCB? You get one hell of a fast tractor that can absolutely destroy the previous British tractor speed record—and a soon-to-be released documentary about the whole process.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Proposed National Right-to-Repair Law Is Great But Only a Start

You may recall that there’s been a lot of effort on the part of big companies—carmakers, agricultural equipment makers, consumer electronics companies, and more—to make it not just difficult, but actually illegal for owners to repair or modify products they bought and own. We’ve thought that’s bullshit for some time,…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Here’s How a 360 HP Turbo Diesel Combine Harvester Works

Harry Metcalfe, the exceptionally knowledgable and charming host of Harry’s Garage, has a background in farming, so it’s only natural that he transitions us from lovely reviews of supercars to rather large and intimidating farm equipment, like a combine harvester.Read more… Continue Reading at

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