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North Carolina Audit Finds 234 Seized Cars From State Contractors Are Missing

Two towing companies contracted by the state of North Carolina have been called out in an audit for lacking appropriate paperwork and leaving 234 state-seized cars unaccounted for. The contractors are part of a program designed to support the state’s school system with proceeds from vehicle auctions.Read more… Continue Reading at

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A Detroit Towing Company Allegedly Stole Dozens Of Cars In A Wildly Elaborate Scheme 

There’s a wildly interesting lawsuit playing out in the City of Detroit right now, in which a towing company says the city illegally yanked its permit to operate, while officials accuse the company, Nationwide Recovery, of having a role in an “elaborate” stolen vehicle scam.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Man Stands On Tow Truck As It Drags A Car Through The Streets In A Spark-Filled Shitshow

In Compton, California, a man stood atop of a tow truck as it dragged a fifth-generation Nissan Altima through the streets, blowing the sedan’s front tires and showering sparks everywhere in a loud, chaotic scene straight out of a Michael Bay film. It’s all very Florida, but in California this time. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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