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The U.S. Navy’s Big Beautiful New Carrier Has Hilariously Messed Up Toilets

The USS Gerald R. Ford is a technological marvel. Its nuclear reactors can enable it to move for 25 years without re-fueling. It uses powerful electro-magnets to hurl aircraft into the sky. It has toilets designed so incredibly poorly that the entire system needs to be unclogged and flushed out with acid, yes acid, on…Read […]

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Help Your Toddler Conquer Their Fear of the Automatic Toilet

It’s a phase that many toddlers go through—and who can blame them? These fancy, newfangled toilets with their automatic flushing (often multiple times in one sitting) do not exactly make the potty training process easier for anyone. They’re loud and they sound like they’re going suck you and everything around you down…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Look At This Extremely Nice Video Game Latrine

While playing State of Decay 2's new Heartland expansion—a game I find interesting, even if I don’t particularly enjoy it—I noticed something during one of several trips to my local frenemies the Wilkersons in the northern region of Trumbull Valley. It’s a latrine. An extremely considered, well-designed latrine.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Keep the Automatic Flushing Toilet From Scaring the Crap Out of Your Kid

One of the darker moments of my parenting career saw me holding a terrified three-year-old on a toilet that repeatedly automatically flushed at a volume that is only appropriate for the whooshing sound of the gates of hell. It was a men’s room at a computer store in Manhattan, I was kneeling in a puddle […]

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