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What a Kid Really Means When They Ask, ‘Why?’

Little kids are notorious for asking incessant questions, the most common variety being the endless, “Why?” And we try to answer them—we always swore we’d be the parent who would encourage their curiosity, after all—but sometime between the fifth and tenth “why?” you’re either over it or you’re out of answers.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Why You Need to Keep Cosmetics Away From Your Kids

You probably keep medications out of reach of small children, and wouldn’t dream of leaving caustic cleansers where your kids could get to them. But cosmetics can also be dangerous, and a recent study found that children regularly suffer poisoning and chemical burns from cosmetics.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Make a Quick Bib for Your Kid With Press’n Seal Plastic Wrap

It’s almost time for your child’s big thing—baseball portrait day, the annual school flute concert, his debut as a ring bearer at your cousin’s wedding—and his outfit is looking pristine. Oh yes, he’s ready for this. And then you remember: Shit, the kid’s gotta eat. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Transition Your Toddler to Big Kid Underwear With Maxi Pads

In the final stretch of potty training, that phase when your kid almost gets it and you begin to daydream about a life of diaper-less freedom, you might be tempted to turn to Pull-Ups. These disposable “training pants” are supposed to look and feel more like underwear, theoretically making toddlers who wear them…Read more… Continue […]

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To Clip Baby’s Nails, Strap Them in a Carrier

If you struggle to clip your toddler’s nails, you’re not alone. It’s a necessary, frequent task, dreaded by many parents. We first failed so miserably at keeping our infant daughter’s sharp little claws under control that I showed up at her one-month check-up with clippers in hand and begged the nurse and pediatrician…Read more… Continue […]

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Why You Should Let Your Kid Be Annoyingly Repetitive 

Before my daughter learned to speak, she learned to sign, and the first sign she mastered was “more.” More meant more—as in, “Give me more milk before I scream-cry in 5-4-3-2-1 …”—but for her, it also meant “again.” Sing that song again. Push the toy cash register button again. Make that funny sound with your…Read […]

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