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Calculate How Many Books You Could Read If You Quit Social Media

A new calculator from Omnicalculator shows you how many books you could read in one year, if you checked them instead of checking social media. Enter how often you check social media (or any time-wasting sites that you’re willing to give up), and how long you spend there each time you visit. Omnicalculator will turn…Read […]

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Prevent Procrastination With This Chrome Extension

I’ve found myself in a vicious cycle lately. Whenever I have free time to kill, I’ll typically rotate through the same, stale list of websites, sucking up whatever new content comes along to relieve me of my boredom. I’ll bounce between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Gmail (and occasionally Slickdeals) in one…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Manage Your Life 10 Minutes at a Time With 144blocks

Your typical waking day has about 1,000 minutes, as blogger Tim Urban writes in Wait But Why. Urban loves to analyze his time by breaking it into chunks, to measure a human life in weeks, or to calculate how many times he’ll see his parents before they die. Yeah, his thought experiments can get heavy […]

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Why Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes

As you know, when other people make stupid mistakes, it’s because they’re fundamentally incompetent. When you make a stupid mistake, it’s because of specific circumstances, and/or because someone else is fundamentally incompetent. Adam Robinson, chess master and Princeton Review founder, has identified seven factors…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Should You Adjust Your Birth Control Pill Schedule When Traveling?

If you’ve used birth control pills for any length of time, you may have been told to take it at the exact same time every day to ensure effectiveness. Maintaining a consistent pill schedule at home is as easy as setting an alarm on your phone—but what happens when you travel across several time zones?Read […]

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Boost Your Motivation by Focusing on Why You Need to Complete a Task 

When you realize you need to get something done, you probably think to yourself, “I have to do that soon.” But that type of thinking disrupts your motivation in two ways: by messing with your sense of time and robbing you of urgency.Read more… Continue Reading at

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