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Watch Us Break Down The First Act Of Death Stranding

Death Stranding is upon us! Kojima Productions’ bizarre and super-massive exploration game brims with symbolism, clumsy stumbling, and gnarly ghosts. My pal Tim Rogers and I sat down to play the first chapter and talk about movies and all sorts of other stuff as we helped Sam Porter Bridges on his trek through the…Read more… […]

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We Quiz Borderlands 3’s Art Director On Video Game Screenshots

Here’s another dispatch from Tim Rogers at E3 2019. This time, Tim sat down (or kneeled down in this case) with Borderlands 3 art director Scott Kester and tested out just how many games he could identify by their screenshots alone. For more of Tim Rogers at E3, check out this handy YouTube playlist.Read more… […]

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Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, And Everything Else At Bethesda’s E3 Booth

Bethesda Softworks is named after the city in Maryland. Tim Rogers has been to that city, so it only makes sense that we sent him to the Bethesda booth at E3 2018. There was demons, carnival games, and a lot of VR.You’re probably not at E3 but fret not. Tim checked out everything that Bethesda […]

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Call of Duty, Destiny, And Everything Else At Activision’s E3 Booth

Tim Rogers is back with another E3 2018 booth tour. This time he’s got Activision in his sights. How plush is the carpet? What’s the funniest way to truncate Call of Duty? Did Activision deliver this year?All those questions and many more are answered in the video above. Join us, gamers. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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