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How to Outsmart Algorithms and Take Control of Your Information Diet

“Certain algorithms,” says Tim Cook, “pull you toward the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back.” In a commencement speech to Tulane University, the Apple CEO tells graduates to take charge of their information diet. And much as we want to sneer at the irony of a…Read […]

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What Happened the Last Time Apple Had a Panic This Bad

On Wednesday, Tim Cook issued a dire, surprising, and historic warning to his company’s investors. Apple, the world’s first trillion dollar company, would be lowering its revenue forecast for the first time since 2002, thanks in part to bad iPhone sales and China (basically). But wait, you’re thinking, what the hell…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says algorithms are ‘draining the humanity out of music’ in new interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed some thinly-veiled concern regarding his competitors. In a new interview with Fast Company, Cook highlighted the importance of human-curated music services. Though he didn’t call out Spotify by name, Cook did directly highlight the difference between Apple’s human-driven and Spotify’s algorithm-driven curation approaches, even going so far as to say ”We […]

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Apple Isn’t Your Friend

Apple has been steadily positioning itself as the anti-Facebook for a while now, and between verbal jabs aimed at the social media giant and privacy-focused product decisions, the patient goodwill campaign seems to be working. Unfortunately, Apple isn’t going to save us, and now’s the time to keep your guard up.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Wet, Warm, Glorious: I Tried The Atomizing Shower That Wooed Tim Cook

Instead of a normal shower, imagine standing up every morning inside of a storm cloud: The shower curtain bucking and bellowing in the wind; the air, hot and humid as a heavy mist envelopes you, washing away soapy suds. That’s what it’s like to use a Nebia, the shower system that’s won over the biggest […]

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Which Tech Industry Leaders Ditched the White House Tech Summit Today?

Trump summoned his group of tech-world minions to the White House today for another round of nervously nodding and accomplishing nothing. But attendance was down a little bit this time around. Sure, plenty of cowards still showed up with a foolish but optimistic gleam in their eye. But some, at least, seem to be…Read more… […]

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