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Don’t Drink Whiskey From a Glorified Tide Pod

In an effort to appeal to the Tide Pod generation, The Glenlivet has released their “Capsule Collection,” which consists of small portions of alcohol enrobed in edible seaweed packaging. You do not need ice, a stirrer, or a glass to consume the capsules, but it’s not like those things were difficult to come by.Read more… […]

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The worst things on the internet in 2018

And so draws to a close another year that we—all of us, willingly or not—spent online. If 2016 was a year defined by hating the year 2016, and 2017 was a year in which this vast disdain could only be quantified by categorizing and ranking the most loathsome things online, 2018 was—well, we’re not going […]

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