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The Media Is Finally Realizing the Religious Right Are Theocratic Monsters

On the last day of 2018, there was a fascinating op-ed in the New York Times by Katherine Stewart that sparked an interesting discussion on social media about the religious right. In it, Stewart explains that the religious right does not, in fact, give a crap about democracy or the rule of law: …Continue reading […]

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Trump’s “Pro-Life” UN Delegation Is So Extreme, Even Iran Thinks They’re Crazy

While we’re focused on the big ticket items like the Mueller probe and Michael Cohen’s impending polonium poisoning, it’s important to keep track of all the other horrible things Trump is doing if for no other reason than to keep conservatives from claiming they were innocent victims of …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: How Close Are We to a Religious Military Coup?

The Banter Long Read: Half a century ago, conservative Christian Republicans were aghast at the idea of a Catholic, John F. Kennedy, being elected president because they were worried that he would put his religion before the Constitution. But that was before the American right wing made its deal …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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