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The MoviePass Tips You Need to Know

MoviePass, the almost all-you-can-watch buffet of movies on the big screen, is a pretty sweet deal at $9.95 a month. But what if I told you that deal could be even sweeter? We’re talking scoring free popcorn, guaranteeing tickets to brand new releases, and easily avoiding the most common problems. All you need is the…Read […]

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MoviePass Drops Price to $6.95 a Month for a Limited Time

MoviePass made waves a few months ago when they launched a new $10-a-month service that gave subscribers access to near-unlimited movies in theaters. If you thought that was crazy, now they’re offering a subscription tier for only $6.95 a month for those who are willing to pay for a year’s worth of movie-going ahead…Read more… […]

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Movie Theaters Should Have Intermissions

Movie theaters are a nightmare. They’re expensive, they’re loud—but most importantly, I can’t start and stop the movie. At home, I rarely make it through a movie without pausing at least once for a snack refill and a bathroom break. That alone makes home rental better than the theater, MoviePass or no. One thing would…Read […]

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