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The Week In Games: Mr. President, Your Mech Is Ready

After years and years of being a Japan-only Xbox release, Metal Wolf Chaos is finally come out in more places later this week. Now we can all experience the fun of being the President of The United States and using a giant mech to fight the Vice President’s evil army. Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Week In Games: Let’s Go Make Another Mario

Perhaps the best-known game coming out this week is Super Mario Maker 2, a sequel much anticipated by many of us here at Kotaku, not to mention Mario fans everywhere. But that’s not the only cool game on the docket this week. There’s a Switch port of the original Devil May Cry, plus the 2019 […]

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The Week In Games: Inglorious Void Bastards

Sometimes a game just looks so damn cool you want to play it and Void Bastards is one of those games. It just looks incredible. Like an old comic book and a first-person shooter got together, had a baby and raised it in space. Also, that name is great. Read more… Continue Reading at

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