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The Sims 4 Unexpectedly Captures The Best Part Of New Year’s Eve

I have a fondness for New Year’s Eve that I find hard to explain. When I drank, the appeal was absolutely the drinking, which makes sense. After experiencing my first non-drinking New Year’s Eve last December, though, I realized there’s something more to the night before the calendar rolls over than just partying.…Read more… Continue […]

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In The Space My Mirrors Once Were, I Made Avatars

In many video games, the body of your avatar does not change with time or experience. In Dragon Age: Inquisition or The Outer Worlds, you can apply scars to your character’s face, but they don’t accrue new ones as time goes on. These characters can become absurdly powerful, stronger both physically and mentally, but…Read more… […]

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The Sims 4’s New College Expansion Is As Stressful And Gratifying As The Real Thing

Addison, the Sim I made to check out the latest college-themed Sims 4 expansion, has had a very bad week. She’s a Fine Arts major, taking a class about video games as an elective. Her schedule, as such, was a complete mess. Monday and Wednesday she had three classes, with barely any room in between […]

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Sims 4 Players Are Freaking Out Over Stairs

In a free update for the game’s fifth anniversary, The Sims 4 will get new “Muslim-inspired” architecture and clothes, like hijabs and nehru collars, as well as some new patio items. But there’s one update in particular that Simmers are losing their minds about: customizable stairs.Read more… Continue Reading at

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