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The Intercept Refuses to Back Down from Likely False Story About Democratic Candidate

The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill’s online news publication, makes no bones about its contempt for the Democratic Party. Stocked with writers critical of the party’s dominant centrist wing, the publication has become a thorn in its side, as its articles emphasize their failures far …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Should parents be held accountable for their overweight children?

Every modern parent knows the struggle and constant conflicts involved with what seems like a fairly natural process: feeding their child. Breastfeeding or bottle? When should you start solid food? And, when the kids get a little older: What can you do with a picky child who refuses vegetables, short of force-feeding?Read more… Continue Reading […]

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This Weekend’s NYT Magazine Is All About The Future Of Cars

Though they’ve only taken center stage in the transportation debate a few short years ago, everyone is beginning to realize autonomous vehicles are A Thing. Lately we’ve seen outlets from Car and Driver to Automotive News roll out packages that assess the future of driving. Now The New York Times Magazine  is spending…Read more… Continue […]

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MEMBERS ONLY: From Breast Feeding Hero to Far Left Lunacy

The Banter Long Read: You may remember the name Elizabeth Lee Beck from a New York Times story in 2015. She and her husband were questioning Donald Trump in a deposition and she left in the middle to use her breast pump to feed her child. (Word count: 1231)To continue reading this MEMBERS ONLY …Continue reading […]

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What You Poor People Don’t Understand About Private Driveways In New York City

Unfortunately, my travels and my business usually bring me to New York City a few times a year. I really don’t care for it. Bad smells, democracy and Chipotle are all nauseating to me. Thankfully, though, there’s been an increase in private driveways to sooth my nerves. Read more… Continue Reading at

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