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Jai Wolf seamlessly weaves genres in debut LP, ‘The Cure To Loneliness’

Jai Wolf has the panacea for feelings of forlornness: a 12-track LP, entitled The Cure To Loneliness. Jai Wolf’s first longform outing, The Cure To Loneliness is a career-defining effort that issues an extended look into the artist’s style, the specificities of Jai Wolf’s electronic aesthetic. To stream The Cure To Loneliness is to peer into […]

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Jai Wolf sets off on spring tour in support of new album, ‘The Cure to Loneliness’

Jai Wolf has accomplished monumental growth as an artist in the five short years since he emerged on the scene. Now, as 2019’s spring events circuit starts to heat up, the 27-year-old New York City-native lesser known as Sajeeb Saha is preparing the delivery of his debut studio album, The Cure to Loneliness, due on […]

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Jai Wolf steps outside for spring with new single, ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’

Winter seems to be on its way out. The coals of fireplaces have cooled, windows have opened, the wind is now welcomed. In tune with this feeling, Jai Wolf‘s latest track, “This Song Reminds Me Of You,” has been released. “This Song Reminds Me Of You” features synths that traverse smoothly over any landscape, over […]

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