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Switzerland Proves That More Gun Laws Are Not The Solution To America’s Mass Shooting Problem

I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the last great Boy Scout troops here in North Texas, where we were taught proper marksmanship by an ex-special forces scoutmaster. He ran the troop military-style, dividing us into patrols, where we could attain ranks such as patrol leader and assign push-ups to disobedient […]

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Why Masculine Men Are Natural Environmentalists

Environmentalism has gotten a bad rap the last few decades. People who care about the environment are usually labeled hippies or activists or feminine or—worst of all—government regulation-loving leftists. Those groups may well be environmentalists, and they surely give people who care about the environment a bad reputation. Despite the bad company, however, the most […]

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5 Underappreciated Activities Every Man Should Engage In

While many of us are aware of the basic tenets of red pill philosophy and masculinity, such as lifting, learning game, dressing well, and earning an income, there are other less popular activities that are not featured much, yet still have a place in every man’s repertoire. The five activities mentioned below are, in my […]

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