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How to Use Less Plastic Because We’re Using Way Too Much 

There’s about a ton of plastic for each person living in the world today—that’s 8,300 million tons of plastic produced since 1950, most of which has become waste and ended up in landfills. Even worse, plastic production is increasing and half of all the plastic on Earth was created in the past 13 years. But you […]

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The Japanese First Lady Is Your New Role Model for Avoiding Awkward Conversations

At some point in your life you’ll have an awkward conversation. Parties, networking events, dinners with the President where you pretend you don’t speak English, they’re all mine fields potentially littered with awkward pauses, regrettable jokes, and just plain invasive small talk. You don’t have to suffer the slings…Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Biem Butter Sprayer Solves My Most Pressing First World Problem

I hate getting anything greasy on my hands. That includes moisturizer, sunscreen, olive oil, margarine, and butter. Until recently I had reserved myself to living a life of dry toast and flavorless corn-on-the-cob, but then a one-trick kitchen gadget came along with exactly the one-trick I desperately wanted.Read more… Continue Reading at

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America’s next growth industry: Disconnectedness

Earlier this week I decided to treat myself to a new electric toothbrush. I realize by admitting that I’m telegraphing my privilege: My ability to buy toothbrushes willy nilly when most of America can barely afford avocado toast. But still, as a 37 year old man who has spent almost twenty of those years as […]

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You Too Could Have a Self-Cleaning Home, If You Give Up Everything You Love

A belated New York Times obituary pays tribute to inventor Frances Gabe, who designed, built, and lived in “the world’s only self-cleaning home.” Gabe comes across as a delightful and ingenious crank in a home full of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” contraptions. Her big idea: Turn the average home into a giant dishwasher.Read more… […]

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