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Parents Should Learn Common Core Math Like a Kindergartner

If you have a kid in school, you’ve probably noticed that their math homework looks different than yours did an undisclosed number of years ago. And you may have moaned about it—“What’s with all the crazy steps? These equations took me seconds to answer in Mrs. Winkleman’s fourth-grade class!” Hey, I’m not here to…Read more… […]

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Here’s What Kids Really Need to Know Before Kindergarten

I have a friend who took kindergarten prep very seriously. When her son began getting homework in preschool (“homework” and “preschool” being two words that should never go together) and he couldn’t properly identify on the homework that “car” started with the letter “C,” she freaked out.Read more… Continue Reading at

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6 Strategies For Beating False Sexual Allegations At Work

As men enter lucrative positions and ascend up the ladders of success, an increasingly common tactic to derail them is the malicious false allegation.  Modern employment culture places masculine men at the mercy of women with whom they share the workplace.  That, coupled with the fact that human resources and personnel departments are overwhelmingly dominated […]

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6 Examples Of How Disney Is Brainwashing Young Girls To Be Feminist Slaves

In 1937, the Walt Disney Studios released its first fully animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and pioneered a new form of family entertainment. Disney didn’t have a reputation for being feminism friendly; what with all the waiting for Prince Charming in their earlier movies. But recently they have been more open about […]

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