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Rival Tuners Got Into It At The 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon Over Minutes Of Loud Revving

The Tokyo Auto Salon is a show that always delivers on bright lights, crazy builds, loud cars and occasionally loud egos too. TAS2020 was my sixth time at Japan’s biggest tuner show and in previous years it was the cars that grabbed the limelight. However, during the pack up after the final day of this […]

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Three Incredible Mario Kart Wii Shortcut Glitches Discovered Within 24 Hours

Mario Kart Wii remains the best-selling game in the series, and despite being over a decade old, players are still discovering new secrets hidden deep inside its 31 courses. Just last week, three new shortcuts were discovered, continuing the race to try and find one for every course in the game.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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