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Make No-Cook Fruit Syrups With Peels, Stems, and Pits

When it comes to fruit, it’s the flesh people want, but that flesh often clings to stems, pits, and peels, and tossing those bits means you’re tossing out flavor. Lucky for us, Queen of Sweets Stella Parks has a solution: Use these supposed scraps to make vibrant no-cook syrups.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Sweeten Salad Dressings With Simple Syrup

Every salad dressing needs some sugar. It adds sweetness, yes, but it also curbs bitterness and tames acidity, marrying your various ingredients to create one cohesive flavor profile. Maple, honey, and agave are all good additions, but they bring their own flavors, in addition to pure sweetness.Read more… Continue Reading at

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What to Make With That Coffee You Failed to Finish

I love coffee, but my mind and body are both easily overwhelmed by caffeine, so I often find myself with a cup or so of leftover java (do people still call it that?) by the time noon rolls around. It’s usually too stale for drinking by then, but it still has its uses.Read more… Continue […]

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Make a Cocktail Syrup Out of Inedible Thyme Stems

One can never have too much thyme, but I often find myself with a lot of leftover thyme stems. These woody, inedible, but still fragrant little plant parts may seem unusable but you can reclaim every bit of your thyme by using them to flavor cocktail syrup.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Make the Most Delicious Carbonated Cold Brew

It would seem that we, as a nation, cannot leave our beverages alone, and are always looking for the next gimmicky sip. I read this article proclaiming cold brew and coconut La Croix the “drink of the summer,” and reacted with a mixture of incredulity and resignation.Read more… Continue Reading at

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