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The GOP Hall of Fame

Most halls of fame have very high standards. The Baseball Hall of Fame, for example, requires ten to fifteen years of dominance in the sport, whether a smattering of batting and home run titles, a string of twenty-win seasons, or embodying the elite of the elite at your position for the better part …Continue reading […]

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McCain May Sink Obamacare and Screw America After All

For those of you on tenterhooks concerning the disastrous new GOP tax bill, your worrying is about to get worse: John McCain, the deciding vote in killing the last two GOP attempts to destroy Obamacare, just announced he will support this bill today, saying: “I believe this legislation, though far …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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The Triumph of Obamacare Proves That Democracy Still Exists in the Age of Trum

Watching CSPAN 2 last night as Sen. John McCain joined Sens. Collins and Murkowski in voting against the GOP’s deeply cruel and cynical “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act was perhaps the most triumphant political moment since before the 2016 election. The rest of the stories we’ve been …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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