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S U R V I V E revisits debut album with compelling remix EP, ‘RR7387’

S U R V I V E’s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are fresh off the release of their original score to the beloved, nostalgia-steeped Stranger Things’ second season. Now, the duo’s returned to their electronica roots with the release of a new EP, RR7387. RR7387 is a small collection of tracks, but it is a deep dive into spellbinding aptitude of the electronica spectrum.The four-track […]

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Warp the ‘Stranger Things’ theme with this online synth site

As excitement escalates for the release of season two of Stranger Things in just a few weeks, one fan has taken his or her enthusiasm to the next level.Someone has created a website called Synthier Things that only plays the Netflix show’s arpeggiated theme, but it allows for the site visitor to warp the synths to their heart’s […]

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