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Smash 4 Pro Survives Tournament Elimination With Clutch Off-Screen Play

Last weekend’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competition at DreamHack Montreal came down to a nail-biting grand finals match between Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland and Eric “ESAM” Lew. With his tournament hopes on the line, Holland scored a clutch counter against Lew to reset the bracket, which was made only more impressive…Read more… Continue […]

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Seven Months After Smash Bros. Tournament, Organizers Say They Can’t Pay The Winners

Some of the world’s best Smash Bros. players say they are owed thousands of dollars for their performances in a tournament called BEAST 7 held in Sweden last February.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Smash Champion’s Pop-Off Is Too Big For One Tournament Stream

When Jason “ANTi” Bates won the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament at Smash community major Get On My Level this past weekend, he exercised his rights as champion to celebrate his accomplishment. That said, he may have gotten a little too hype (if such a thing is even possible) when his victory lap […]

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