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‘DNA Repairing’ Sunscreens Might Actually Work

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to our skin cells because it damages our DNA. That’s why sun exposure can cause cancer, and why sunscreen is so important (even apart from its power to prevent sunburns). There are sunscreens that claim they can help your skin repair that damage—and, it turns out, they…Read more… Continue […]

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Scientists Solve Ancient ‘Bright Night’ Mystery With New Satellite Data

Humans are pretty jaded these days. We can write most of the strange phenomena we see off as science (or we honestly don’t care). But when Roman philosophers like Pliny the Elder witnessed moonless nights glow bright like the day, it definitely made an impression. Others since then have been awestruck by these “bright…Read more… […]

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NASA Can’t Wait To Plunge Itself Straight Into The Sun

Today, NASA reminded the world it will soon be performing the ultimate act of wish fulfillment on behalf of all humanity: in summer 2018, the space agency plans to launch a probe right into the Sun’s atmosphere. While the mission will sadly not be crewed, the 10-foot high Solar Probe Plus, now officially the Parker…Read […]

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