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Subaru Of America Is Being Super Lame Right Now About The Subaru FUCKS

Last week, the world was made a better place when the Subaru Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition (also known as the Subaru FUCKS) was unveiled at the 2020 Singapore Auto Show. Jokes were made. Laughs were had. It was a good time. And then I woke up today to see Subaru of America had […]

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Subaru Scrambled To Get The First Four Generations Of The Forester To The New York Auto Show

It’s always great when automakers show up with some of their heritage models. BMW brought an M1 racecar, and, well, Subaru brought the first four generations of the Forester to introduce the newest one at the New York Auto Show. But they’re cool! And they were a last minute idea.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The 2019 Subaru Forester Gets A Lot Bigger And Kills The Turbo

The 2019 Subaru Forester is here, and it is large. Subaru calls it the roomiest, most capable and quietest Forester to date, in case the children break the noise-canceling headphones they stick in their iPads immediately after getting in. It’s also up a full 12 horsepower from base last year, but won’t come with a…Read […]

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Watch A Man Recover His Subaru Forester After It Floats Down A River

Here’s a Subaru Forester that looks like it lost one ox, 420 pounds of food and three sets of clothing fording the swollen Moore River in Western Australia. The river was nearly 4 feet deep and carried the early Forester away, but this off-roader managed to save it anyway. Definitely don’t try this at home. […]

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