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Samsung’s Tiny Portable SSDs are On Sale Today; Just Don’t Lose Them

Several capacities of Samsung’s adorably tiny T5 external SSDs are marked down to some of their lowest prices ever today on Amazon. The 500GB model is the best deal of the bunch in terms of percentage savings versus its usual price, but the 1TB model has never been cheaper.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Add 256GB of Storage To Your Switch, GoPro, and More

One can never have enough flash storage, especially when you can fit 256GB of files on a card the size of your pinkie nail. That’s the biggest, fastest card on the market right now, and MassDrop’s $130 price is about $16 less than the going rate on Amazon right now.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Give Your Old Hard Drive or SSD New Life With This $7 Enclosure

If you have an old hard drive or SSD lying around, or you just want to build your own external drive from scratch, this $7, 2.5" enclosure is one of the most affordable we’ve ever seen with UASP support, which allows for faster data transfer speeds when using an SSD.Read more… Continue Reading at

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