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BADFLITE- Ain’t Coming Home

Electronic, house, and R&B collide in BADFLITE’s newest original on STMPD records, “Ain’t Coming Home.” The label was started by none other than electronic music’s favorite protégé Martin Garrix, who is now building the careers of up and comers such as BADFLITE. “Ain’t Coming Home” is well produced, and catchy enough to have radio sensation potential. […]

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Arty – Supposed to Be (Original Mix)

Between Arty and Alpha 9, it’s hard to keep up with the onslaught of new music the Russian producer has been releasing as of late. His newest single is titled “Supposed to Be” and is out now on STMPD Records, Martin Garrix‘s label. Arty joins a small group of artists who have been carefully chosen to release music on […]

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Crash Land’s self-titled debut the first release on Martin Garrix’s STMPD Records

With the establishment of Martin Garrix‘s STMPD Records — recently expanded to include a recording studio in Amsterdam — one would expect the label’s first release to be a version of ebullient, catchy house that turned its founder into one of the biggest stars in electronic music. However, Garrix has always maintained that the label would feature […]

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