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Camelot Returns with Joe Kennedy III’s Triumphant Speech

At the end of John F. Kennedy’s favorite musical, Camelot, King Arthur meets a small boy who wants to join the Round Table, unaware that it has been destroyed. Arthur knights the lad (who is supposed to be young Thomas Malory, author of Le Mort d’Arthur) and reprises the title song, singing, “Don’t …Continue reading […]

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Who Gives A F*ck What Trump Says At His State Of The Union Address?

Donald Trump is set to give his State Of The Union address tonight to assure Americans the country is in good shape and lay out his grand vision for America. Anyone watching it willingly is either a paid journalist, or a masochist. Because watching the president speak for more than 60 seconds at a …Continue […]

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The Real State Of The Union Donald Trump Won’t Discuss

America’s longstanding presidential tradition of the State of the Union address will showcase a president who will go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest liar in history. Donald Trump is a compulsive liar and he will lie repeatedly on Tuesday when he addresses the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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