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WATCH: Radiohead launch new tour with two surprising new plays

Radiohead‘s got a pretty deep bag of tricks at their disposal. With nine studio albums under their belt, it makes sense that some of the band’s tracks have yet to see the light of day or a live play in years. On July 7, Radiohead performed their scrapped Bond theme “Spectre” live for the first […]

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Here’s Why The New Aston Martin Vantage Abandoned A Traditional Grille

The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage is quite a dramatic departure from the relatively consistent styling cues of the last few decades of the company. The new look, especially the new grille, is controversial. But Aston Martin claims it was a matter of weight savings, of all things.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Don’t Use Intel’s Latest Spectre Patch

Worried about protecting yourself from the security exploit that is Spectre? Well if you already downloaded Intel’s update patching the flaw, be prepared to download another one soon. Intel’s software fix is the cause of some random rebooting issues users are running into, and the company is urging consumers and…Read more… Continue Reading at

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