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Spain Invokes Constitutional Order to Retain Control Over Breakaway Catalan State

Today, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and his parliament declared independence from Spain, nearly a month after the historic referendum, and in response, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the parliament in his central government voted to enact Article 155 by a vote of 214-47, a …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Putin Grins as Catalonia Defies Spain

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont missed a crucial deadline this morning to formally declare independence from Spain. and the future of his government remains in jeopardy as Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy plans to meet on Saturday to possibly invoke Article 155 of the Spanish …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Russia, Wikileaks and Ed Snowden Are Lying About Upcoming Catalan Independence Vote

As we piece together what Russian media did to manipulate our presidential election, utilizing social media to spread fake news and hacking state voter rolls, it is of the gravest importance that we not let them get away with this again. This past week, Russian media and Kremlin-friendly dissidents …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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DJ Contest: Submit a mix to open for Carnage, Bingo Players and more at Pacha la Pineda

Summer Invasion & Wavo are joining forces to grant up-and-coming talent a chance to play at the legendary Pacha la Pineda club in Tarragona, Spain. Until June 17, the two entities invite aspiring DJs to fashion a 30-minute mix of their choosing and win a 90 minute slot to open at the Pacha club on […]

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