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Sunday Showdown: Soylent vs. Cheerios

While there are many quick breakfasts—buttered toast, granola bar, banana—cereal reigns supreme. But a new contender has climbed the ranks: Soylent, the nutrient slurry marketed to busy Millennials. Both are convenient, but neither is very natural. Which is a better option on a rushed morning?Read more… Continue Reading at

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Compare the Most Popular Meal Replacement Drinks to Select the Right One for You

Meal replacement drinks have become more ubiquitous as we’re getting busier and working longer hours. Not to be confused with protein shakes, meal replacement drinks typically have less protein, more carbohydrates, and more calories per serving. Some meal replacement drinks are being marketed to help people lose…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Silicon Valley Can’t Stop Puking Money All Over Soylent

Soylent, a substance, is about to be everywhere. A team of queasy venture capitalists just invested $50 million into the company. This, despite the fact that Soylent is perhaps best known for lying about its ingredients and giving people fits of relentless vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea.Read more… Continue Reading at

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