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Retired League of Legends Pro: Don’t Go Play In Japan

Earlier this spring, Kotaku reported that Jeon “Dara” Jeong-hoon announced he was retiring from professional gaming after “truly frightening” incidents that allegedly happened while in Japan. In a new interview, he recounts his experiences on the Japanese esports scene.Read more… Continue Reading at

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In South Korea, Gamers Stage An Inquisition Against Feminists

On March 26, a top game development studio in Korea released an unusual statement about one of its employees: “The woman was mistaken in retweeting a tweet with the word ‘hannam,’” derogatory Korean slang for “disgusting men.” It continued, “In the aftermath of this incident, I promise that we will create preventative…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Watch GM Employees In South Korea Destroy Their CEO’s Office 

Workers at General Motors’ troubled South Korean operations learned this week that no one will receive a bonus due to what Bloomberg summarized as a “cash crisis.” Naturally, a small contingent responded by proceeding to completely trash their CEO’s office. Read more… Continue Reading at

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