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Sous-Vide Is the Perfect Way to Prepare Crab

Almost all the crab you see in the grocery store—whether it be whole Dungeness or Alaskan legs—is sold pre-cooked and frozen. This lengthens the shelf-life and preserves the flavor of the meat, but it also makes preparing the crustaceans a simple heat-and-serve kind of deal. To ensure you don’t overcook your precious…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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How to Make Sous-Vide Japanese Omelets

My love for tamagoyaki has been well documented, as has my antipathy towards single-use appliances. The latter, paired with a very small kitchen, has kept me from purchasing the square pan required for making the little grilled egg squares, which is sad because I love them so.Read more… Continue Reading at

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There’s Nothing Wrong With the Way Panera Prepares Their Mac and Cheese

Besides forcing society to examine what comedy really is, TikTok drives all sorts of discourse, both political and not. But after one user posted a behind-the-scenes look, it has people talking about Panera’s macaroni and cheese, which is reheated from a frozen state to a servile temperature in—horror of…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Make Hollandaise Sauce the Easy Way With an Immersion Circulator

Staying home is almost always preferable to going out, particularly before noon. Going out for brunch means standing in line, drinking weak mimosas, and (depending on the establishment) being around children. But all of that can be worth it if the place has a good eggs benedict, mainly because hollandaise sauce is…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Cook Garlic Before Adding It to Your Sous-Vide Bag

The words “that’s too much garlic” have never escaped my lips. Garlic should be added with wild abandon to recipes—one should double, if not triple the suggested amount—but, if that recipe is of the sous-vide kind, you should definitely, without a doubt, cook the garlic before it goes into the bag.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Sous Vide Some Truffles for Your Valentine

Try as I might to act like I am immune to aggressively cloying nature of February 14th, I actually kind of dig Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because my particular brand of anxiety is soothed by a brightly colored and visually uniform grocery store display, but it’s probably thanks to my love of candy,particularly…Read more… Continue […]

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