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It’s Now Easier To Tell Where Gunshots Are Coming From In PUBG

PUBG gets patched pretty frequently, but Bluehole isn’t always great about detailing all of the minute changes to the game. In an effort to be more transparent, the studio laid out examples of how the most recent update changes bullet sounds to help players more easily track where enemy fire comes from.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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The True Story of How Laurel Became Yanny

the beginning, the laurel-or-yanny clip said laurel and nothing but laurel. Here is the original version of the clip, recorded by an opera singer working for Chances are, you’ll hear it as laurel too. Let’s compare it to the viral clip and we’ll see exactly what changed, and why half of us hear the…Read […]

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How to Customize Whether Windows Uses Speakers or Headphones for Each App

For many of you, a single pair of speakers or headphones is all you probably need for your desktop or laptop system. For others, rocking out, gaming, and listening to movies is a constant battle with Windows over which connected audio device the operating system should use to blast noise.Read more… Continue Reading at

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