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Team Sonic Racing: The Kotaku Review

While it’s true that kart racing clashes with the idea of a character who runs super-fast, Sonic the Hedgehog is less likely to trip up when he’s driving a vehicle. Developer Sumo Digital proves that statement true a third time with Team Sonic Racing, a very good kart racer with a game-changing co-op twist.Read more… […]

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A Strange And Better (?) Sonic Trailer

It seems obvious at this point that the internet doesn’t really like the new Sonic The Hedgehog trailer. The director of that film has even announced they will be changing Sonic’s design before the film is released. So while you wait for that to happen, check out this odd creation that takes a different approach […]

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AGDQ’s ‘Sonic Block’ Embodies The Hedgehog’s Speed And Attitude

Awesome Games Done Quick continues to blast along with several great speedruns, some of the best of which have involved a certain blue hedgehog. The “Sonic Block” featured numerous Sonic games and a look at how speedrunners manage to make Sega’s mascot go even faster.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Here’s Where, When, And How To Watch Awesome Games Done Quick 2019

Can it really be that time again? Awesome Games Done Quick is upon us once more, showcasing the very best and very fastest of speedrunners in a week-long marathon of Personal Bests and ridiculous glitch manipulations.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Team Sonic Racing Could Have Been A Lot Weirder

There’s a new Sonic racing game coming, one that ostensibly brings an element of teamwork to the action. So why did I feel like I was the only one pulling any weight, during my demo? There is no “I” in team, but there is one in “Team Sonic.”Read more… Continue Reading at

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