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How to Talk to Anyone, With Podcaster Ken Plume 

In this episode we’re talking about the lost art of conversation-making. Joining us is podcaster and raconteur Ken Plume, who has conducted extensive interviews with the likes of Mel Brooks and John Cleese. We discuss how Ken got his start feeling comfortable talking to just about anyone, how he handles the…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Five Strategies for Conquering Your Street Photography Shyness

There’s nothing wrong with being a little nervous if you’re out practicing your street photography. Taking pictures of unaware people in candid situations, or approaching someone for a more deliberate photo isn’t easy, but if you’re trying to improve, acting the part of wallflower will only hinder your progress. It’s…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Warmly Greet People Without Having to Touch Them

I hate hugging people I don’t know, or even ones that I barely know, and I’m not the only one. Whether you value your personal space, are concerned about germs or for any one of a million totally valid reasons just don’t want to have body contact with another person, there are a few things […]

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How to Call Your Members of Congress When You Have Social Anxiety

If you have phone phobia, you’re not alone. (I’m a recovering member of the club myself.) If the situation in this country is making you anxious, calling your reps is both a step toward a solution, and a way to give yourself a small amount of control over something. But you have to be able […]

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