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Bring These Snacks to Your Next Protest

Protests and demonstrations can be action-packed events with lots of running and shouting, but the majority of your time at one of them will be spent walking, standing and chanting. These events can last for hours, and hours of walking, standing, chanting and (occasional) running can leave one quite hungry. This is…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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The Best Snack Hacks of 2019

Snacking is an art form. Unlike meals, which should be substantial and sustaining, snacks should be edible entertainment, with intense flavors, varying textures, and unexpected tasting notes. From giant pickles to waffled prosciutto, these are our favorite snack hacks of 2019.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Is the Best Toddler Travel Snack

If you parent a toddler, you already know that having an arsenal of snacks while traveling is Of The Utmost Importance. Snacks stave off hanger tantrums, they give you flexibility if your food options are limited and, if you’re flying, the swallowing can help combat middle ear pressure during take-offs and landings. Read more… Continue […]

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Make Cookie Butter From Danish Butter Cookies

A royal blue tin of Danish butter cookies is always a welcome sight. These crispy buttery friends are a simple holiday pleasure that need no adornment (or icing) and, once emptied, the tin makes an excellent storage container for embroidery supplies. My only criticism? You cannot spread the cookies on another…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Bring Sugared Cranberries to Thanksgiving

When you’re neither cooking nor hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you often spend the day before texting the host and begging them to tell you, specifically, what you can bring. If you have a bag of cranberries, white sugar, and some water, you have everything you need for the perfect appetizer—whether or not your host…Read more… Continue […]

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