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Wait to Buy a Galaxy Note 10+ Adapter for Super-Fast 45W Charging

Shopping for a new charger for your phone can be confusing. Typically, you’re good to go with whatever ships with your device, but it probably isn’t an adapter that can give you the fastest and best charging speeds. Those are often more expensive, and your smartphone’s manufacturer isn’t going to be that generous out…Read more… […]

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How Do I Block Android from Installing System Updates?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: It’s important to keep your devices updated. Though even I’ll admit there are few exceptions to this rule. If Microsoft just launched a huge Windows update, you might want to give it a few days just in case something goes catastrophically wrong. If you have a super-old… […]

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The Best iOS 13 Tricks You Haven’t Tried Yet

I’ve been playing around with iOS 13 since the developer beta first launched—bugs and all. Since it’s now available for public consumption, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite new tricks so you can get excited while you wait for the beta to install on your device.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Enable ‘Developer Options’ on Your New Galaxy S10

Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S10 arrived Friday, and I have little doubt that many day-one buyers spent all weekend fiddling with a smartphone that “comes the closest to making all those dollars worth it,” as our colleagues at Gizmodo describe.Read more… Continue Reading at

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