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How to Play Skyrim: Very Special Edition With (or Without) an Amazon Echo

Oh Bethesda, you trolls, you. I say that lovingly, as the trailer the company showed off during its E3 press conference Sunday was a nod to its wildly successful Elder Scrolls franchise. The joke, if you didn’t get it, was that Bethesda has dumped Skyrim, the series’ most recent installment, onto nearly every modern…Read more… […]

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Every Man Should Know How To Play A Musical Instrument

Greetings, fellow dong-wielders of the Manosphere. As part of my efforts to be more involved in this space of ours, I thought I would first muse on a subject very close to my heart: music and the art of playing it. Confucius said that “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do […]

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