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Teach Your Kids to Mediate Their Own Sibling Arguments

Parenting more than one child can sometimes feel like refereeing. When the sibling bickering and brawling starts, it might seem like you’ve got two choices: Go in and break it up or let ‘em work it out for themselves. Either way, they’ll be right back at it in a few minutes anyway.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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When Should You Have Another Baby? 

Sometimes, a decision that’s even tougher to make than “Should we have a child?” is “Should we have another child?”—and if the answer is yes, then the question becomes “When?” Sibling age gaps, aka birth spacing, is a massive topic of analysis—for economists, sociologists, the World Health Organization, and most of…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Have a “Chore Auction” With Your Kids When They Can’t Work Something Out Peacefully 

With child siblings, there will always be fights over who gets to name the new puppy, who gets to pick out the film for Movie Night, who gets to be the green gingerbread man in Candy Land, and other matters that change as swiftly as one can cry out, “It’s so not fair!” Instead of […]

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Admit to Yourself That You Probably Have a Favorite Child

While the subject remains taboo, most parents have a favorite child. The Wall Street Journal points to research that supports this—in one recent study, 75 percent of mothers confessed they felt closer to one of their adult children, while another report found that 70% of fathers and 74% of mothers acted on those…Read more… Continue […]

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