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Are You An Engineer In The Automotive Industry? Jalopnik Wants To Talk With You

In any story Jalopnik writes, the goal is to provide insight and entertainment. While you can’t really help us improve the latter, you can help with the former, especially if you’re an auto engineer. That’s because many stories in this field can benefit from some level of technical discussion, since cars are …Read more… Continue […]

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Have You Ever Owned A Mazda RX-8, The Car That Helped Kill The Rotary Engine?

Mazda officially launched the oddball RX-8 in 2003, just one year after the great RX-7 officially died in Japan. But whereas the RX-7's stature has only grown to near-mythic status in the past few years, the RX-8 died a grisly death in 2012, and few people have seemed to miss it since. But that doesn’t […]

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Which Car Would You Import If There Was No Chicken Tax?

Following today’s report that a gaggle of German automakers are interested in convincing the European Union and the U.S. to get rid off all their automotive tariffs currently proposed and in practice, it could spell the end of the hated Chicken Tax, which means we could likely import whatever we want. There’s only one…Read more… Continue […]

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