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You Need a Pair of Kitchen Shoes

I have hilariously bad circulation in my extremities, which means that I wear thick socks and slippers 24/7 from October to May. This year, I got extremely cushy slippers for Christmas—and proceeded to immediately spill all kinds of bullshit on them while cooking dinner for my family. Tragic. Luckily, none of the stains Read more…

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Get Yourself Some Driving Shoes; The Loafer’s Fun and Sporty Cousin

When I pitched a story on driving shoes to my editor, he wrote back “had to google ‘driving shoes’ but sure” (hi Shep!). So before diving into why I love this off-duty footwear style so much, it seems worthwhile to provide some quick context and explain what the hell driving shoes actually are.Read more… Continue […]

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This Shortened Car Wearing Shoes Is My New Multiple-Legged Best Friend

People are dumb and will only make you sad. Cars are always there for you. If I put my car in people-shoes, I can pretend it’s my friend and we’ll be best friends forever!!! Here’s how the crazy Russians at Garage 54 did just that with one of their previous weirdo builds, which works far […]

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