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Lunice contorts Django Django’s ‘Surface To Air’ into captivating club cut

Lunice is proving to be one of dance music’s most ravishing enigmas. An elusive gift that keeps on giving, the artist has now reworked the UK band Django Django’s indie pop track “Surface To Air” into a compelling club-detonator. Coalescing vivacious vocals with added lows, Lunice crafts a bass-driven rendition that delights in its distinction […]

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Here’s What to Do Instead of Eating Sheetcake to Combat Your Anxiety

Humor is hard. Humor in the wake of a tragedy is even harder: there’s a reason The Onion took two weeks to publish their first post-9/11 issue. Tina Fey’s “Weekend Update” response to the Charlottesville, VA massacre—wherein she called on the American public to ignore the Nazis and stay home with a sheetcake—was a…Read more… […]

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How to Protect Your Self-Esteem After Having a Baby

Interesting news out of the Netherlands: A team of researchers tracked nearly 85,000 women through their pregnancies and beyond, and found that self-esteem in pregnant women and new mothers fluctuates: It dips during the 30th week of pregnancy, rises until the child is six months old, and then declines for at least…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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