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SEC Reaffirms That Elon Musk’s Tweets Must Be Legally Reviewed, Reaches Settlement

On Friday the Securities and Exchange Commission filed in court that it has reached a settlement with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a legal dispute regarding his tweeting habits. Last fall Musk fell afoul of the SEC with his “funding secured” tweets which led the commission to mandate that Musk’s tweets be reviewed by a…Read […]

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Ford Is Under Criminal Investigation Over Emissions

Ford revealed today that it was under criminal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice over its emissions certification process, which, on the surface at least, is reminiscent, of course, of Dieselgate. But Ford says defeat devices are not involved, though they “cannot predict the outcome” of the case.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Judge Declines to Hold Elon Musk in Contempt For Now, Orders SEC and Musk to Meet Like Grown-Ups

In yet another exhibit in our ongoing saga about how a microblogging network evolved from a stupid place where you post what you ate for breakfast to one of the most consequential communication platforms in the history of mankind, Elon Musk had to appear in court to once again argue he should still be allowed […]

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Tesla Settles Fraud Case With SEC; Musk Stays as CEO but Will Resign as Chairman

Days after it became public that Elon Musk was being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged fraud over the infamous “funding secured” tweet this summer, he and Tesla has reached a settlement that will keep him CEO—but will cost him his board chairman title.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The SEC Formally Investigated Tesla Over The Model 3 Last Year Without Taking Enforcement Action

Throughout 2016, as Tesla prepped the launch of the all-electric Model 3 sedan, the automaker simultaneously dealt with a formal probe by the Securities and Exchange Commission over the all-electric sedan. That’s what research firm Probes Reporter found out in documents it obtained from the SEC this week.Read more… Continue Reading at

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