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MEMBERS ONLY: The Strongman And The Conman

It’s telling that this comparison to Stalin was laughed off by commentators on both the far right and far left, once again proving the usefulness of Jean-Pierre Faye’s horseshoe theory that political extremists on both sides tend to resemble one another. After the comparison was revealed to the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Gorka: America is a “Hyperpower” and You’re a Traitor if You Don’t Support Trump

Appearing on Fox & Friends to tell his infantile boss what to think, White House adviser and white nationalist Sebastian Gorka tried out a few new North Korea talking points that will surely appeal to the enormous ego of one Donald J. Trump:“He’s saying don’t test America, and don’t test Donald …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Trump is Now Propping up his Dying Presidency with Pure White Nationalism

In just the last week, Trump and his band of White House deplorables have:1. Announced that the civil rights division of the Department of Justice will sue colleges for oppressing white people (No, seriously).2. Told the police to go right ahead and hurt people (read as: Black people) in their …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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