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Electric Seats Should Always Be An Option

After recently driving and enjoying the new 2019 Hyundai Veloster last week, one of the many things I couldn’t stop thinking about was whether or not the complete lack of electric seats mattered on the fully-loaded Ultimate trim. I’ve settled my thoughts. Electric seats should always be an option.Read more… Continue Reading at

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I Can’t Look Away From This Guy Gutting A Mercedes-Benz S-Class Seat

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has some of the most comfortable and pampering seats on the market today. You can drive around while being simultaneously cooled, heated, massaged and hugged by the active bolsters. But what’s under all that buttery and perforated leather?Read more… Continue Reading at

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How A Car Crash Turned One Man Into The World’s Foremost Collector Of Vintage Child Seats 

The glory that you are currently beholding is one of the largest vintage child car seat collections in the world. Trust us, this is way more interesting than it sounds. A Jalopnik reader named Scott has spent the last 30 years collecting nearly 100 vintage car seats, some of which, he says, have even been […]

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