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Giant Space Ship Blows Up Very Slowly In Destiny 2’s First Major Live Event

Destiny 2 had it’s first big Fortnite-style live event today with players crowding around to watch as the Almighty space ship that had been hurtling toward Earth all season was finally shot down. The only problem was it took forever. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Bungie Hopes To Make Destiny 2’s Seasons And Bounties Feel Less Punishing In Upcoming Seasons

In its latest weekly blog post Bungie laid out plans to address some of players’ biggest complaints about the current state of Destiny 2, including how content disappears once a season ends and the game’s recent emphasis on grinding bounties.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Best Part Of Destiny 2’s New Exotic Quest Is The Mixtape In Zavala’s Office

Today’s Destiny 2 weekly reset marks the return of the Fourth Horseman shotgun from the original Destiny. Instead of grinding for it, though, I’m currently sitting in Zavala’s office getting pumped up on his workout mixtape.Read more… Continue Reading at

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What You Need To Know About Destiny 2’s Trials Of Osiris

Destiny’s elite competitive end-game mode, Trials of Osiris, makes its triumphant return today. The last time anyone got to play it was back in August 2017. If you play Destiny 2, you should give it a shot, since while challenging, it’s also historically been one of the best things in the series. Here’s how to […]

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Destiny 2’s Latest Season Is Off To A Rough Start

I’ve spent around seven hours with Season of the Worthy. That’s not nearly enough time to pass judgment on the changes and new content that will be reverberating throughout Destiny 2 over the next few months. But I can say that those seven hours have been some of the most underwhelming I’ve spent getting to […]

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