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Incoming Wisconsin Governor To Undermine Lame Duck Bills

After incumbent Wisconsin governor Scott Walker lost re-election to Democrat Tony Evers last November, the Republican-controlled state legislature passed a controversial bill stripping key powers away from both Evers and incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul. Under the new rules, Republicans can …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina To Implicate Republican Boyfriend In Guilty Plea

Maria Butina, the alleged Russian spy who posed as a gun rights activist to court influence among Republicans, will plead guilty today for conspiring to violate Section 951 – the federal statute referred to by the DOJ as “espionage-lite” – during the 2016 election. She has also agreed to work …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The NRA Lost $55 Million In 2017

According to tax records obtained by The Daily Beast, the NRA’s income dropped $55 million, from $367 in 2016 to $312 million in 2017, ending in the red for the second year in a row after spending a substantial amount to elect Donald Trump. The lack of revenue comes from a decline in donations, bad […]

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Scott Walker Freaks Out On Twitter As Wisconsin Democrats Crush Republicans in Blue Wave

Last night Wisconsin held local elections. In a normal year, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but given that nothing is normal under Donald Trump, the results in this state portend the oft-mentioned Blue Wave that will sweep Democrats to victory this fall. For the past eight years, Wisconsin has …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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