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Use Lemon Zest to Drastically Improve These Foods 

Squeezing a bit of fresh lemon juice over a savory dish adds a bit of brightness and helps balance out any overpowering richness, but there’s another portion of the lemon you should be sprinkling all over your culinary existence: the peel or, if you’re a regular barefoot count or countess, “zest.”Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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6 Savory Uses for Marmite, The World’s Most Polarizing Spread

Marmite is a somewhat polarizing spread. (Their slogan is “Love it. Hate it.”) Made from brewer’s yeast, the salty paste has an umami-packed, almost condensed-soy-sauce-like flavor that can be overwhelming in large amounts. Add just a smidge, though, and you’ll boost the savory-factor of whatever you’re eating many…Read more… Continue Reading at

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